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How to Maintain Your Quartz Worktop?

Information:LUDA QUARTZ STONE SOLUTION CO.,LTD.CreatDate:2013-07-30

 Kitchens are usually made of resistant materials, since they are supposed to resist accidents, scratches or cuts when cooking. Quartz worktops is consider to be one of the workaround to that in the kitchen , for that they are very resistant and very hard to break or even scratch.

If you know some chemistry or physics, you probably know that quartz stone is very hard and resistant mineral rated 7 on a scale from 1 to 10, where the hardest mineral to break is the diamond. That is the explanation for its unusual features — the fact that it almost lasts forever and doesn’t break easily. All these features make the worktops useful in many other fields, but just in the. Well, here we will tell you how to maintain your quartz worktop.
1. To avoid using broken glass, diamonds, sandpaper, broken ceramics or any other hards that can scratch it. All these things that could scratch it and leave ugly marks on its surface
2. make sure you keep open fire or very hot things away from your worktop, coz it gets affected in a bad way. If you expose a quartz worktop to a lit candle or to a lamp that uses fire you will surely regret it (it expands somehow) and it will surely cost you a lot of money to replace.
3. Try not to hit the worktop with hard things or to drop heavy objects in the places where these worktops are most likely to break, for example the corners — while the quartz is durable and hard, if it becomes a habit, it will deteriorate.
4. Try to wipe it clean after each use because it is likely to remain stained if you keep leaving the dirt and lime pile up for some time. Which means it will be a lot harder to remove at a later stage.