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Benefits of Quartz Surface

Information:LUDA QUARTZ STONE SOLUTION CO.,LTD.CreatDate:2013-07-30

 Quartz is a material commonly found in many different types of rocks, which created almost entirely with natural quartz mined directly from the Earth, quartz surfaces offer a rare combination of superior beauty and functionality.
Since quartz surfaces are an engineered stone , you have options that you may not have with other traditional materials, you may therefore not have realized that quartz surfacing had so many benefits to the homeowner and commercial property owner.

  •     Quartz surfaces are available in a wide – almost limitless – variety of designer colors
  •     Quartz surfaces are non-porous and one of the most bacteria-resistant and safest materials for food preparation
  •     Quartz surfaces are extremely resistant to moisture absorption and staining
  •     Quartz surfaces are structurally more resistant to surface damage than other stone
  •     Quartz surfaces are very resistant to heat, but the use of a hot pad is always recommended
  •     Quartz surfaces are easy to maintain and clean
  •     While quarts surfaces are more consistent than other mined natural stone, there is natural variation in quartz color, pattern, shape and shade

Even though quartz surfaces won’t stain, absorb moisture, or develop bacteria as easily as other traditional stones, there is still some maintenance and special care involved