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Engineered stone countertops

Information:LUDA QUARTZ STONE SOLUTION CO.,LTD.CreatDate:2013-07-30

 Engineered stone s are remarkables, offering the 'best of both worlds' regarding durability and aesthetics. They're made to look and feel like yet they possess enhancements that nature couldn't provide - namely, the durability and cleanliness that comes with a non-porous surface.

One of the most popular and widely used forms of engineered stone is quartzs. Brands like Silestone and Cambria use quartz as the primary ingredient in their engineered stones and other surfacings.

Quartz isn't the only form of stone that's used however. Granite, marble and semi-precious stones can be found in various engineered stones, each with their own decorative and functional appeal.

Combining the functionality and durability of solid stone and the flexibility and practicality of manmade materials, engineered stone countertops might be a good solution for your counter needs